How married guys know it's Spring

At the beginning of September there are several signs that Spring is here. The weather starts warming up. The birds start chirping in the mornings. The leaves on trees start sprouting again. Even the covers come off swimming pools.

But in our house there's another obvious sign that the season has just changed... my wife has boxes of clothes scattered everywhere as she changes her wardrobe!

Us guys are simple, partly because our winter and summer clothing is the same, the only difference is a jacket. And all our clothes fit in one cupboard. With my wife, the change of season is as life changing as the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. It also bears testament to the philosophy that men are hunters and women are hoarders!

I must pay respect to Nicole though. At least she stores her non-seasonal clothing away in containers. It could have been worse. She could simply use the cupboard space for ALL her clothes and I'd have to use the spare room!

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The world is a stage

I've been pretty quiet the last few days, not because I've been taking a break, but simply because September/October is always the busiest season for the MC circuit, and I've been travelling around SA and been on stage every day this week.

Thanks to the team at Old Mutual who have been hosting me in Cape Town and Bloemfontein as we launched revolutionary new products to their brokers and advisors. I also spoke the audience about my experience with cancer and heart disease.


One of the guest speakers was Professor Tim Noakes who is turning the whole "weight loss" theory on it's head by advocating a low carb high fast diet.


After hearing his talk twice during the roadshow, I just had to buy his book to read more.


It's fascinating as his perspective on eating is as a scientist and it has got the medical fraternity in an uproar. My verdict is still out as to whether I subscribe to his theory, but I love the fact that he's a fish swimming upstream and willing to challenge the norm. After all, at one stage when everyone thought the world was flat, someone stood up with a theory that the world was round, and was ostracised as being ridiculous!

The Old Mutual roadshow is still coming to Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban over the next 2 weeks. If you're a broker, I'll see you on stage!

Tonight I'm on a different stage, dressed as a hippie, as I host SAMANCOR's annual event which has a retro theme! I'll have to dig into my party suitcase to retro-fit myself! Peace, love and no war this weekend!
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The new iPhone 6 and iWatch

Whenever Apple does a big product or software launch I salivate, jump up and down with glee, and the next day do a layman's summary. This time though when they did the launch last night, I was 33000 feet in the air on a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Mango's WiFi was working though (albeit slowly) and I was able to follow most of the news!

As I've been on stage (hosting events for Old Mutual) over the last 2 days, and this morning I left home at 5am for a TV shoot, I didn't have time to write too much detail, but here are some of the essentials:

The new iPhone 6 is:

  • Thinner and larger (2 sizes)
  • New A8 chip (over 50 times faster than the original iPhone)
  • 802.11ac (3x faster Wifi)
  • With volt, start a call using WiFi and when you leave your WiFi spot it seamlessly crosses over to LTE.
  • Much better front and rear camera
  • Battery life equal and sometimes better using various elements of the phone
  • A new 128GB option

The new iOS8 software will launch on 17 September (will work on your iPhone 5) and the new iPhone 6 will launch 2 days later. I've been told that South Africa has been upgraded from Tier 3 to Tier 2, which means we won't have to wait until December to get the phone, but might get it as soon as early October. Very cool!

The additional (and expected) news was the launch of the iWatch!  Since I was on a plane when the gadget was revealed I had to bite my lip to stop screaming out, as us Apple people like to pretend the entire world is equally excited, but we know there are haters out there :).

The iWatch comes in various strap colours and integrates with the iPhone. It comes with quite a few health monitoring devices and what they call "intimate and easy communication" abilities. It will be available early next year.

Apple also introduced something called Apple Pay, which uses encrypted NFC technology so that you use your credit card for purchases, but you don't have to pull your credit card out of your wallet! It will roll out across the U.S and eventually hit our stores as well. It is revolutionary and a great way to combat card skimming.

I've gotta dash, but in case my wife is reading this, "All I want for Christmas..."

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