Everyone cooling down in Pilgrim household

The Pilgrim household is slowly returning to normal! Both my girls and my wife have got past their fevers and everyone is now back to 36-37 degrees.

Well, actually that's not true. Our two chihuahuas have a core body temperature of 38-39 degrees. In fact I was told that chihuahuas were bred in Mexico as hot water bottles. Try having one of them on your lap on a hot summer night and you land up with sweat on your thighs in a way that looks very unappealing.

Our 12 week old puppy Cappuccino is settling in nicely. He now knows where he should and should not poo. He doesn't always listen, but at least he knows! In fact, his only problem is that he loves climbing up the stairs, but hasn't yet quite figured out how to climb down them again. So every now and then we hear a squeal from above with a slightly cross-eyed chihuahua looking dauntingly at the Grand Canyon:

My first SMOOCH store is starting to conceptually take shape. At this stage we are working with the architect and shopping centre, designing the store front and interior. It's amazing to be part of the process and also great to be involved in something new! Being a gadget man, I'm loving sinking my teeth into the different security camera options and till systems.

Speaking of tills, we put quite a bit of cash in a restaurant's cash register last night as all the parents of Tayla-Jean's class got together for a dinner to get to know each other a bit better:

That's my news for now! I'm on air tomorrow morning 6-9am on 94.7 Highveld Stereo. If you're around, i'll chat to you then!
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Mozambique: beauty, corruption and underpants.

It's been a fun and insightful 3 days in Maputo with my tv crew. 

In all honesty, if you ever want to moan about South Africa, spend a few days further north and then you realize how great our infrastructure really is. As I write his blog i'll be back in SA in a few hours and I leave Mozambique with some great memories. I met some amazing people... and ate some amazing food!

But I also leave a country where corruption is rife (seemingly even more so than in South Africa). Almost everyone I chatted to spoke about the abusive corruption of the local police and government. I saw first hand the pollution of the beaches and the architectural decay of buildings and other public infrastructure. 

Mozambique is not a poor nation from a macroeconomic perspective, so where's all the money going? Definitely not back to the man in the street. And you can feel their restlessness. They have presidential elections coming up later this year. I can only hope they vote wisely. 

Well, that goes for us in South Africa as well. After 20 years of democracy, it's a pity the masses can't see the gradual decay caused by the ruling party who are glutenous in nepotism as corrupt politicians continue to simply ride the gravy train... or their flashy new 7 series BMWs.

I sometimes think politicians forget that they are servants of the people. WE pay they salaries, and as such, WE are their employers. 

Anyway, on a lighter note. When I packed for my 3 day trip to Mozambique, I forgot one thing...

It's a sign of the times. I remembered all my various power chargers, but left the most basic of essentials behind...clean underwear! Not having time on our shoot schedule to make detours and looks for a Woolies store (does Mozambique even have a Woolies?), and also being quite the cleanliness freak, I decided to do the next best thing... and think like MacGyver would have. So every night I washed my jocks in the basin and spent 30 minutes drying them with the hotel room hair dryer. It worked out very well! My only nervousness during the blow drying period was the risk of those flying critters. You see, there was ONE part of my body where I was not prepared to spray Tabard while my underpants were drying each night.

Bye Mozambique. Thanks for the memories! But as Dorothy said in the wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home". Even if Alyssa has a rash and diorreaha, Tayla-Jean has a fever and is vomiting, Nicole has Laryngitis and yesterday the geyser packed up!
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Quick blog from airport

Hi. As I write this I'm sitting at International Departures at OR Tambo airport with my tv crew. We're off to Maputo in Mozambique for a few days to film for Standard Bank. We're having a very busy early lunch discussion...on the best way to dodge the mosquitos!

I'm still a little bleary eyed. Alyssa has had tonsillitis for 3 days and last night she was still vomiting. At 10pm Nicole was consoling our little girl while I washing and tumble drying puked on linen. Thank heavens she was feeling a little better this morning.

I'll miss my girls  so much while away, but look forward to being back on the weekend.

Bye for now!
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