Muggles and make up

I've been spending quite a bit of time traveling lately, and today is no exception as I'm off to Durban for a gig tonight.

To pass the time at hotels, airports and on the plane itself I've been watching a few iPad movies. About a week ago I decided to give Daniel Radcliffe another chance and I loaded the Potter movies (all 8 of them). So, for the last few days I've once again immersed myself in the world of muggles, sorcery and brooms. I'm four movies down with four to go and I have to once again conclude that I really don't think Mr Potter acted well at all. Having said that though, I really love the special effects and the storyline, so today in the 5 minutes of the Durban flight which is not ascending or descending, I'll switch on my "electronic device" and start the 5th movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Think of it as trivial escapism.

The worst thing about traveling for me is missing my girls. Even for one night. I think I might just miss one of the "moments" when the girls do something for the first time. Like last week when Tayla-Jean decided to apply her own makeup for the first time...
In fact, she could do with some make up now because she's as white as a sheet. Last night Nicole and I were up all night because she was vomiting (the first time I expertly caught most of it in my hands... it's an instinct thing!). This morning I have cancelled a meeting so I can lie in bed with her as she's still quite weak. It's weird being in my pajamas on a "work day".
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Vehicle Review: 2013 Kia Sorento

As an ambassador for Kia South Africa I get to drive the new models as they come out, which I have to admit is lots of fun.

Ask anyone 5 years ago about Kia and the first word that came to mind was probably "ugly". How that has all changed in the past few years (they have the ex-Audi designer on board). Kia cars have always had excellent safety features. They've always been great value for money. Now, they are sexy too. Even my wife's kugel friends are asking me about the various models, especially the Sportage ... and now the new 2013 Sorento is asked about too. So that's why I thought I would do a blog about this model.

I drove the previous generation Sorento for about 2 years. It was a practical car, but I wouldn't call it luxurious inside. The new model has undergone a radical transformation, and when they came to SA about a month ago I just simply had to have one.

It's not the more sporty exterior look that wowed me (even though it looks a lot sexier than the previous generation), it's what they've done inside that made me fall in love with the car.

And it starts the moment you open the door. It's now gone remote start with no need to insert a key. Simply keep it in your pocket and push the START button. In fact, with a small button on the exterior door handle that detects the proximity of the key, you don't even need to disarm the alarm as you approach it.

The seat has a programmable 2 driver memory and both front seats can heat up or cool down at the push of a button.

The electronic media display is now touchscreen and the reverse camera comes up on the display when putting the car into reverse:

Another impressive feature is the panoramic sunroof which makes the cabin seem even bigger than it already is:
 And there's plenty of legroom for the kids in the back:

If your brood expands rapidly, there are 2 full sized fold-away seats in the rear floorbed, turning the Sorento into a 7 seater vehicle. With the 2 extra seats down, there's enough boot space for a couple of prams. With the main rear seats folded, you could probably put some canoes in the back (I haven't tried it so don't quote me on that!).

It's got all the other bells and whistles too, including: park distance control, bluetooth, an "eco" setting for reduced fuel consumption and even side mirrors that tilt down slightly when in reverse so you can better see the back end of your car (and they also fold away when the car is parked).

Sure, other cars have these luxurious features, but not at the same price.

To be fair, if I have to find fault: the radio still does not have RDS (radio station and song display) and the the "daytime running lights" are really just Christmas lights in the headlamp display cluster that you have to manually switch on if you want them on in the day. That's ALL I could find wrong with the new model to try and balance the good with the bad in the new Sorento.

The  car retails at about R480 000. Would I recommend it to my family if they were in the market for an SUV? You better believe it.
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My biggest prize at the MTN Radio Awards

First up, just a quick thanks so to guys from Danone. I hosted and deejayed at their gala evening in Knysna on Friday night... they KNOW how to party! I didn't drink a thing and still walked around on Saturday like I had a massive hangover!

Also on Saturday was the radio industry's event of the year, the 2013 MTN Radio Awards. I've mentioned this before, but the industry is like a giant chess board where people move around between stations and inevitably you've worked with quite a few of the people over the years, so it lands up being like a school reunion of sorts!!

I have to say well done to my good mate Barney who won Best Day Time Presenter. I guess playing Celine Dion does have its benefits :)

Also, it was great to chat to David Gresham who was one of the main reasons I got into radio. As a small kid I used to listen to him host Springbok Radio's Top 20 ("keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars"!).

My show was nominated for best Commercial Music Show (which I won last year). This year it went to Radio Algoa, so well done to the lads there.

But I didn't walk away from the awards empty handed. I still landed up being a winner... because just before leaving for the event, my daughter came up to me and gave me the biggest kiss. THAT is worth more than anything else.

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