Newest member of our family

We have a new addition to the family. Meet 9 week old Cappuccino...

When looking for a new family member, we did try the Animal Ark Shelter on the weekend, but they didn't have any tiny breed pups. We eventually opted for a registered Chihuahua breeder.

Our older chihuahua Charles has surprisingly not been as mean as I thought he would be. Two years ago when we brought home Willie (Satan's dog), Charles almost had a shit fit and our house was a war zone for a couple of days before they realised it's more fun to play than fight.

This time around, possibly because Cappuccino is a puppy, Charles has been more indifferent than cross. In fact, after only one day they are lying next to each other, which is a major breakthrough when a new dog comes into the home...

It does mean a good few weeks of strolling through the garden in my jammies in the wee hours of the morning. At 4am I was outside encouraging the pup to do his business like a snake charmer trying to encourage it's snake to come out of the basket.

The score: Dad & garden 1 / Carpet 0.
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