Yay, my girls are coming home!

While I've been working in Swaziland and SA over the past couple of days, my girls have been frolicking in the sea in Umhlanga.

It's amazing how a house is no longer a home when the family is away. It's just been me and my chihuahuas.  To pass the time in my empty house I started watching Game of Thrones last night...

I watched the first episode while eating dinner... I almost couldn't finish my meal seeing so much blood and gore! Having said that, I'm 3 episodes in and hooked!

I've also been spending a lot of time at my SMOOCH store at Forest Hill City. Thanks to everyone that's come past already and wished me well in my new venture (I call it my mid-life crisis).

Of course there are so many people that don't know I've quit radio and now own a frozen yoghurt store... the initial confusion on customers faces is priceless as they know they've seen me somewhere before, and then the quizzical expressions when the penny drops and they realise who's helping them behind behind the till. Thanks for the good laughs my staff and the customers themselves are having!

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