My wife was a gadget widow yesterday & now needs panados

I'm not much of a sports watcher so my wife doesn't "lose me" on Saturdays. But give me a new gadget and I'm like a salivating pitbull. I disappear into my own world until the gadget has been mastered!

That's why there was no blog yesterday and my wife also never saw much of her husband either, because my new gadget arrived... and Nicole became a gadget widow!

I have quite a few IP cameras at home (wireless WiFi CCTV cameras that can be browsed and controlled over the internet). A new one has just come on the market called the Y-Cam Cube and I simply HAD to import one and give a test.

All my other cameras are "Fong Yong" generics that do the job well, but look butt ugly.

THIS camera might has well have been made by Apple. It came in similar stylish packaging and looks sleek and simple... something Apple is renowned for. Afterall, if you're going to plonk cameras all over your house you want them to look a combination of stylish and inconspicuous.

It took me a little while, but I got it up and running in the lounge and have been testing it over the past 24 hours, both in the day and at night (it has 28 "nightvision LEDs" to see in the dark). The great thing with all of these IP cameras is that with a little know-how you can feed the signal out of your home and watch the live feed from anywhere in the world on your phone or PC. It's great for seeing what the kids are up to and that your house is secure.

Speaking of kids. It's only 8am as I write this blog, but I'm already exhausted. Tayla-Jean wakes up and probably decides on certain days it will be a moody day, because Nicole and I had to deal with 3 temper tantrums already in the space of 2 hours. It's as if Satan spawned a child and it woke up in my daughter's bed! Parenting can be tough... some days more than others!

I can truly understand the "support group" philosophy, because you only truly understand the kid tantrum drama if you have children yourself and have been through it.

Two Panados later, I'm ready to tackle the day.
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