Apple's latest gadgets explained (without the jargon)

Last night was the big reveal of the latest tech from one of the most loved tech companies in the world. Here's what is new in a nutshell without all the technical jargon:

Mavericks Operating System

The most advanced computer operating system is here. It has many behind the scenes improvements so that it uses your computer's resources more efficiently. It has so many great new user options as well. 

Even better, Apple announced the upgrade to Mavericks is free. That's a radical departure from the norm. Their positioning of this is so clever (and why we love the brand so much). Instead of saying it's free because they want to dominate the market with their new software, Tim Cook said it's free because they want YOU to have the best user experience possible. 

I'm downloading it at the moment. It's a large file. Sitting at almost 6GB, you definitely want to be on broadband before downloading it.

Macbook Pro Laptops

The 13 and 15 inch range have both been updated. They are thinner, faster and have improved battery life. They also use the new generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi that's 3x faster than the current widely used 802.1n Wi-Fi. 

What's remarkable is that (in the States at least), they are going to be cheaper than the existing ones!

iLife and iWork Software

They have done a radical overhaul of iPhoto and iMovie (all packaged as iLife) as well as iWORK (their version of Office). These will all be bundled free with any new Macbook purchase.

I still prefer using Microsoft Office for Mac rather than iWork, but one of the nifty things they've come up with in Pages, is that 2 people can "collaborate" and work on the SAME active document at the same time. That has great business applications.

New iPads

The biggest news of the night was the launch of the new iPad. Instead of being called the iPad 5, it's moniker is the iPad AirIt's 20% thinner, has a smaller bezel (border), approximately 20% lighter. It is 2x faster (A7 chip). It will replace the current iPad 4.

There's also a new iPad Mini with Retina display. It's 4x faster than the old one (and has the same chip as the new iPhone 5S). That's a remarkable improvement. The original iPad Mini will still be produced as well.

They say the new iPads have better wifi than before, but I'm surprised it didn't incorporate the new 802.11ac speed Wi-Fi.

Apple TV

I have 3 of these devices at home and use them all the time. Interestingly there was no mention of any software of hardware upgrades here.

In my attempt not to get technical I've left a few things out that they mentioned last night, but that's the gist of it.

Enjoy placing your Apple orders with Santa this Christmas!
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