The weekend that was

What a difference a few days can make. In my last blog I wrote about my little chihuahua that kept crapping upstairs because he could climb the stairs, but not yet go down them. This weekend, he braved the height, faced his fears and now scoots up AND down. And he still does the odd poo upstairs.

This weekend was also a big moment for Tayla-Jean. A non-parent wouldn't appreciate the moment, but for us it was a milestone. My daughter progressed from a normal car seat to a booster seat. This is probably the equivalent of giving a teenager a set of keys for their own car. You see, now she gets to use a normal seat belt for the first time. She's been beaming and talking about it non stop!

This past weekend was also a twitter record for my show. Based on tweets per second, the #KIATake40SA trended worldwide alongside the politics of RUSSIA and the disappeared Malaysian plane #MH370. It happened all because I was giving away an autographed postcard of One Direction. The boys have some passionate fans out there!

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