Latest Apple news in non-gadgety language

As you probably know, I'm a big Apple fan. About twice a year they do a big reveal of the latest and greatest in terms of software and hardware, and last night was one of those Apple Events.

For many people though, it wasn't a wow night as there was nothing extraordinary launched. It was more a night of adding new options to existing ranges. Here it is in a nutshell.

iPhone SE

Before the iPhone 6 and 6S shapes we had the iPhone 5 which was still the smaller 4 inch size with straight sides. They have brought it back but crammed iPhone 6s features into it. The new iPhone SE is for people that want a current phone in a smaller chassis.


Apple Watch

No new software just yet. Just nylon straps.


Apple TV 4

A small software update, with the biggest news being you can now organise your apps into folders.


iPad 9.7" Pro

They have taken the current "normal sized" iPad and beefed it up to be more in line with it's big daddy, the 12 inch version that was released a couple of months ago.



The latest round of software updates are now available for your iPhone and iPad. Probably the most notable addition being the "NightShift" setting, which changes the blueness of your screen to a warmer yellow tint at night so your brain is not confused thinking it is still daylight (supposedly this change will help some sleep a little better).


And that's it. Boom.
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