Daughter making me do my homework.

For the last few months, whenever I put Tayla-Jean to bed and we've finished reading our story, we switch the light off and she asks me questions about anything and everything. For 10 minutes I sound like the most intelligent person on earth as I try and thumb suck some answers. For example here are some:

Q: Dad, why do we have cheeks?
A: So the food doesn't fall out of our mouth.

Q: Dad, why do the dogs need to eat?
A: Otherwise there would be piles of uneaten dog food in the world.

Q: Dad, why do we need to sleep?
A: Because there's not enough TV shows for us to watch all the way through the night.

A few weeks back it got interesting when Tayla-Jean came across a human anatomy app on her/my iPad and was fascinated by the red arteries and blue veins. So, instead of bullshitting my way through things, I did my homework and started really explaining the basic concept of the circulatory system.

Some of the words are quite large and I new it would be hard for her to remember them, so I used a strategy that kids love... a rhyme! This is what we have so far:

Oxygenated haemaglobin,
Keeps the circulation a flowing'!
Blood and air mix together,
but it doesn't last forever!
When it goes up the vein
DE-oxygenated is it's name.

You cut your finger on a plate,
Your blood begins to coagulate.

Its still a work in progress, but now my 4 year old can say "oxygenated haemaglobin'!
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