The hole in the wall and the tired chihuahua

This weekend was 48 hours of great family time. I've been jetting off a lot lately so it was great to be able to chill at the pool with my girls and go for walks.

We forget though that our little chihuahua's legs clock up a lot more steps than ours do, and half way on our 4km stroll to the shops yesterday, Charles put his thumb out and asked for a lift.

Speaking of steps, our younger daughter took her first step towards emancipation this weekend. She got the freedom of the stairs... we removed the kiddie gate. It's amazing how excited we got as well as we no longer have to hurdle over the thing every time we go up and down. You'd be surprised how often we land up going up and down those friggin' stairs. My pedometer often shows I've done 2km in my house before 8.30am).

Of course, if I really wanted to get downstairs quickly I could always just jump out the back of the house...

Yes, that IS a gaping hole in our house wall. Renovations are well under way. I would love to write more, but I must go as I need to cough up some more dust.
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