GADGET REVIEW: The NutriBullet

If you've followed my blogs over the years, you'll know that I love writing reviews on gadgets, so I thought I would share my views on a new generation of blender. A few days ago I was given the NutriBullet to try out with no obligation to say anything good (or bad) about it.


I've been put off blenders in recent months, because more and more information shows that to use a simple juice extractor (thereby drinking the juice, but leaving all the pulp behind) is not good for you as it spikes your sugar levels. The fibre and pulp of fruit not only slows your sugar absorption, but also fills you up more so you don't land up "drinking" too much fruit/sugar in a single sitting.

That's where the NutriBullet is different. It doesn't extract the juice, it simply blends everything into a drinkable pulp. The level of consistency simply depends on how much water you add to the mixture. Here's a pic of my concoction: apple, strawberry, carrot, banana, orange (with the skin) and nuts:



The deliciousness is limited only by your imagination of what you can put inside the blender. What I have learnt though is that there are certain pips you should NEVER blend, as they contain natural cyanide which is released when crushed up. This includes Apple and peach pips.

The NutriBullet is really easy to use and doesn't have a million different pieces that need cleaning and putting back together like the world's toughest jigsaw puzzle. In fact, to balance the review with something that is not great about it, I really had to think about it for a while and the only thing I could come up with is that the blade mechanism cannot be placed in the dishwasher (the mixing container can though).

Designed by a South African, The NutriBullet is flying off the shelves in the U.S and is now available in South Africa at most leading retailers such as @Home, Dion Wired and Hirsch's and retails for about R1999. For more info, check out their website on

This blog was not sponsored or paid for by NutriBullet or its stockists.  
Mark is simply a lover of gadgets and was offered a unit to try out. This blog was written of his own volition. 

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