Kids and iPads. Draining more than just batteries.

Holy crap, parenting can be tough. You love your kids so much, yet at the same time they can drive you dilly. Someone once said (figuratively of course) that all parents want to murder their kids as some stage. The difference with good parents is... they hold back and don't.

I'm quite the disciplinarian. My oldest daughter HATES being told what to do. She's so strong willed that if I had to describe her in one word, it would be "defiant". This doesn't make for a continually smooth running household and having a headache by 8am is not uncommon in the Pilgrim household. I should try and get Panado to endorse my house. I'll even let them put a flag up on my roof as a means of me admitting defeat!

I've mentioned this a few times before and I still think there is something to it. The moment my girls spend more than about 20 minutes on their iPads, it's as if they struggle to re-focus on what's around them and that "tunnel-vision" puts them in a bad mood. I say "they", but it's amazing how angelic the other daughter is once dad has blown a gasket and sent the naughty one to her room (I'm referring to myself in the third person here because I'm generally a very calm person and don't like being a screaming banshee).

At least by sending my daughter to her room she actually does calm down and comes out when she's ready to acclimatise herself back into normal society. I only started sending her to her room once she was able to open the door herself (didn't want her to feel locked in). So when she was smaller she would have to stand in the naughty corner under the stairs like a free-range version of Harry Potter who was placed in a cupboard under the stairs. The problem was she would just stroll out a moment later, so being able to now send her to her room is much better. She spends an hour or so playing with her "My little Pony" figurines and comes out a happy person again.

So once again, the iPad is on rations. No iPad on school mornings, at a meal table or in the evenings close to bed time.

Apples are not always good for you.

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