My baby girl gets her first magazine cover!

Every bloke needs a man cave. A sanctuary of peace. A place where gadgets can lay around freely without the fear of a toddler's chip-licked fingers groping them and having all the wrong buttons pushed.

My man cave is rising from the ashes and taking shape once more!!

What was once just an open landing at the top of of the stairs, now has internal walls and a door. It'll look more complete when we finish rebuilding the outside wall of the house though so it actually has FOUR walls...

There are always so many horror stories about builders. In fact, the guy that built the house originally 4 years ago, I wouldn't touch again with a barge pole. But the contractor I'm using now is superb. It's great when someone takes pride in their work and also values their workers. It's also very rare.

Speaking of bosses, if you are one, here's hoping you enjoyed Bosses Day yesterday! Being my own boss I treated myself to the afternoon off and enjoyed catching up on a few episodes of 24! 

The real boss of the house was bashfully cringing though, because she saw her magazine cover yesterday! Nicole and my baby girl Alyssa are on the cover of the November issue of Living and Loving Magazine out next week. Considering my wife hates cameras, I'm so proud of both of my girls and think she looks gorgeous!

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