Could this be why I have a fear of feet...?

I have a fear of feet and lower legs. They have a name for it: Podophobia.


Why do we all have our own seemingly odd phobias?  It's so bad that even if my daughters put their feet on me they know they're gonna hear "Daddy doesn't like feet". So now they try and do it even more. If Nicole and I are lying in bed and her feet touch me I bolt out of there quicker than if the bed was on fire. On the very rare occasion I have a massage (I don't like strange people rubbing their hands on me) they are given strict prior instructions to not venture anywhere near my legs.

So why do I have a fear of other peoples feet as well as people touching mine? Could something have happened to me as a kid... or in a previous life?

A few years back I tore my calf muscle at gym playing squash and was rushed to hospital casualty. They did an X-ray and and the emergency physician on duty came out and said that my bones were fine, but she did pick up an anomaly. I have a horizontal groove across both my tibia.

A few months back I was at gym and chatting to a mate Clive who is into the spiritual healing thing. I'm a bit of a skeptic, but also feel that just because I don't understand it I shouldn't discount it. We were chatting about gym injuries and we got onto my tibia anomaly and my fear of feet. I joked by saying I was possibly an amputee in my previous life. He told me to lie down on the bench and proceeded to close his eyes and wave his hands above me. A few moments later he exclaimed "I got it!".

It was 1914. World War 1. There was an explosion. I survived it intact, but in my haste to escape the next blast I jumped over a barbed wire fence that tore into my leg.


Weeks later the infection was so bad I had to have my leg amputated. In his image he only saw one leg missing, but it might go a way to understanding my podophobia? Believe it... or not?

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