Dashcams. Why you should have one.

I originally wrote a blog about my dashcam about a year and a half ago. At the time it seemed like a novelty and I was having fun with it (I felt like policeman!). The true test of a gadget though is whether, after a few months you pack it away, or you continue using it.

This is one gadget that is here to stay.


I have used it everyday since 2013. It sits unobtrusively on my windscreen. It switches on and off by itself as I start and switch off the car (powered from the cigarette lighter). The memory card never gets full and stops recording as it automatically erases the old recording to make space for the new one (I have about a 2 hour loop on my card).

So do you NEED a dashcam? No. But you also don't need DStv, but I bet you can't imagine being stuck with only SABC. A dashcam is more than simply a "nice to have". It's your eyes and ears for any incident and is irrefutable proof should you need to support your case. It could be a cop that pulls you over and asks for a bribe. It could be the guy that swerves in front of you. I catch a lot of company cars jumping red lights etc and post still images of it on twitter. Here's one I posted yesterday of a "Don't Waste" van skipping a red light and doing an illegal u-turn:


Russia are big into their dash cams. Here's some visuals:

Cars already have cameras for reversing. I have no doubt that within a few years, all upmarket cars will have built in dashcams too. I think of it as an insurance policy. It's the kind of thing you forget is there... until you need it.

There are a few good brands/dealers in SA. Here is one I recommend:

This is not a sponsored blog. Mark is simply passionate about gadgets that make our lives easier.

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