MY QUICK REVIEW: The new tiny Macbook

I am a Macbook lover and got the new tiny 12 inch Macbook a few days ago. Ironically it is 2cm narrower than the 11 inch Macbook Air

It is amazingly light and for the first time I don't even notice I'm lugging a computer around with me!


I think many of us thought the iPad was revolutionary in terms of making your office mobile, but it never worked for me when it came to documents and having all my files on hand. The iPad is now relegated to my girls games. But this new Macbook has literally changed the way I work. I don't have to dash back to the office anymore to get some paperwork done. Using Dropbox, all my files are on both my office Macbook Pro and this tiny Macbook! It's not designed for high processing power and I'll always use my bigger laptop in my studio, but for being on the go this new 12 inch Macbook is brilliant.

Well done Apple!!

Onto other news. I'm so excited about my latest project. After 4 months of writing, I have just finished writing my book called Beyond the Baldness!

It's not a scandalous, but rather a (hopefully) inspirational autobiography for anyone that wants to achieve their goals in life, whether it be in personal or work related ambitions. I talk about my journey with cancer and how it pushed me to follow my dream of being on radio. I also cover the various television shows I've done with some behind-the-scenes stuff and also focus a lot on my personal experiences of being a Dad to to young girls.

Here's a snippet...


It now sits with editors for about 3 months before going to print and being published by about October.

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