Gadgets and old school stuff

It's my birthday tomorrow and every year Nicole struggles to come up with an idea for a present. After all, there's not much I need, and most of the gadgets I WANT are just too expensive!

This year though she knocked the ball out the park with something that means nothing to others, but means the world to me.

Back in the late 90s we all still played CDs, and whilst at 5FM released 3 compilations through EMI. Two of them were 80s's albums (the first one went just short of Gold) and also a rock album. Production of them was discontinued years ago, but Nicole has now preserved the great memories for me...

I absolutely love it!

From old school to new technology. Alyssa had a fever last night and I was able to try a new product that might be coming to South Africa. The importer has asked me to give it a test and I must say, it works really well. It's called the iThermometer and it provides a real-time temperature updates of my daughter. There is a small flat sensor (that she doesn't even realise is there) which I placed under her armpit, that transmits to an Apple device like an iPad. From there it streams into the cloud so my wife  can be at work and still get a "live" temperature reading whenever she wants. It also sends warnings if the fever exceeds defined levels.

I'll keep you posted as to if and when it gets released in South Africa. It's a cool gadget with very practical functionality.

Staying with gadgets, I went to the launch of NODE last night. It's a new device from Altech in SA that controls your media entertainment, security cameras, appliances, a telephone system, and even allows you to pay your speeding fines! Well done Altech on putting so much into one box.

If you're into home automation as well as media streaming, then you can read more about it here:

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