Everyone cooling down in Pilgrim household

The Pilgrim household is slowly returning to normal! Both my girls and my wife have got past their fevers and everyone is now back to 36-37 degrees.

Well, actually that's not true. Our two chihuahuas have a core body temperature of 38-39 degrees. In fact I was told that chihuahuas were bred in Mexico as hot water bottles. Try having one of them on your lap on a hot summer night and you land up with sweat on your thighs in a way that looks very unappealing.

Our 12 week old puppy Cappuccino is settling in nicely. He now knows where he should and should not poo. He doesn't always listen, but at least he knows! In fact, his only problem is that he loves climbing up the stairs, but hasn't yet quite figured out how to climb down them again. So every now and then we hear a squeal from above with a slightly cross-eyed chihuahua looking dauntingly at the Grand Canyon:

My first SMOOCH store is starting to conceptually take shape. At this stage we are working with the architect and shopping centre, designing the store front and interior. It's amazing to be part of the process and also great to be involved in something new! Being a gadget man, I'm loving sinking my teeth into the different security camera options and till systems.

Speaking of tills, we put quite a bit of cash in a restaurant's cash register last night as all the parents of Tayla-Jean's class got together for a dinner to get to know each other a bit better:

That's my news for now! I'm on air tomorrow morning 6-9am on 94.7 Highveld Stereo. If you're around, i'll chat to you then!
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