No, I'm not Dr Phil.

A common question I get asked is "what do I do when i'm not on air?". I specialise in corporate communications both on television and stage, and October/November is a particularly busy month of being on stage hosting corporate gala events. This weekend was no exception as I was the MC for the Hogan Technology Awards. This was my view of the 1200 people from the side of the stage:

After doing it for almost 20 years I still get a rush every time I go on stage. The only problem is, when I walk on stage at the moment, people think it's Dr Phil:

I can't wait for Movember to be over so I can shave this bloody thing off. When you look old, you feel old.... and right now I really feel like an frigging"old toppie". I always find it weird when people see my moustache and ask "Is it for Movember?". Seriously? That implies you think there's a chance I just grew it because I thought it was stylish? 

Anyway, I get to shave it off first thing Sunday morning. I'm sure a lot of guys will be feeling the same way and doing the same thing. I'll transform from Dr Phil back to myself while at 94.5Kfm's Bill Chill Weekend at Berg River this weekend. I haven't been camping since 1985, so it's going to be a fun experience doing it with a few hundred listeners in Paarl. I'll be hosting the KIA Take40sa from there and also deejaying at the Oconic 80s party later that night. 

The following Saturday (7 December) I'll be back in Cape Town broadcasting my show from a "certain store" at the V&A Waterfront. I'll be revealing more over the next couple of days, suffice to say it will be absolute chaos there, with literally thousands of people wanting to get in. :) 

For now, this is Dr Phil signing off. I have to go give people some couple therapy.

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