Are those boobs in my coffee cup?

When you order a cappuccino these days it always comes with an interesting swirl in the foam. Some are shaped like leaves, other are faces or even a company logo. I haven't quite figured out how they do it, but it's always a pleasant surprise when you get a pattern you've never seen before. I was a little surprised at this one though that I got from Vovo Telo in Sandton yesterday ... are those actual boobs in my coffee?

Speaking of Sandton. If you go to Morningside Shopping Centre you'll see a huge display of school art. Coming from a guy that can only draw stick men, I was mesmerised by the talent of some young kids. This one blew me away. It's John Lennon made up of lots of little bits of paper... done by a Grade 5 learner at King David!

Onto something completely different. From tomorrow a lot of guys will not be getting nookie for a month, as they grow moustaches for Movember! We all look like absolute dorks, but it's all for a good cause, raising awareness around mens health and also raising funds for the Movember Foundation and CANSA.

Last year I was the MoMo, the individual that raised the most amount of money in South Africa, with my final tally just over a quarter of a million rand. I've been asked if I will try and beat it this year. I'm going to try and raise as much as I can, but my focus this year is on spreading the awareness of Movember and encouraging other guys to take part.

You can visit my Mo page here:

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