Beware when selling something online

I've sold a few small items on OLX, Junkmail and Gumtree in the past, usually items that quite easily involve a cash transaction. No mess no fuss.

This time around I decided to get rid of my Phantom 2 drone that has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for the last year or so. With me asking R11000 I really didn't expect someone to pitch up with a wad of cash in their pocket so knew it would probably be an EFT transaction.

What caught me a little off guard was how quickly the scammers try and rope you in. Literally within one minute of posting the ad my phone rang 3 times. I took the first of the 3 calls and "Ray Kunene" said he had just seen my ad and wanted it.

Here's the red flags:

1) I had 3 callers within ONE MINUTE and nothing for the next 24 hours. These guys are hovering over their computer waiting to scam someone the moment the ad is posted.

2) "Ray" said he wanted the drone and would do an EFT straight away and would send proof of payment. I said he could with pleasure, but I wouldn't accept his SMS as proof. I would want an instant payment into my account to see the money reflected and then check with my banker to make sure funds are indeed cleared. He sent an SMS as proof of payment anyway and tried to get me to accept it as a done deal. Sadly so many people fall for this.

Besides the SMS being fake, these scammers often deposit a fraudulent cheque into your account so you think you have the funds, only to have them taken away a few days later.

3) Without even seeing the drone, he wanted to "send his driver" to come and collect it.

I can only assume that the other 2 calls I didn't take within a minute of posting the ad were the same type of thing. This is by no means a poor reflection on OLX, just simply that there are guys out there wanting to rip you off. I thought I would post this to possibly prevent someone from falling for the scam.

By the way, the money never appeared in my account and the drone is still for sale  :)
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