I staged an episode of 24

One of the things I love about my job is that, despite being around SA artists all the time, I still respect and appreciate music talent and my job allows me to be on stage with legends.

Last night I shared the platform with Arno Carstens at a corporate event for FNB.

No, that's not me next to him with hair ... I was behind the band setting up my deejay equipment.

Speaking of being on stage, i'll be doing it again today 12-3pm at Woodmead Retail Park to host their Christmas in July event where we will be collecting warm clothing and blankets for those in need this Winter. If you're in the area, please pop by with your old clothing!

And then, this weekend, it's watching others on stage as it's the annual SA "Oscars, the YOU Magazine Spectacular. I'm not nominated in any category... I'm going for the party.

I'm also deciding this weekend whether to continue watching the TV show 24 (I'm the only guy in the Western world who hasn't watched the show).

I've now watched 2 out of 192 episodes. The problem is, the show started in 2001. That doesn't seem that far back, until you realise how much technology has changed in a decade. They still watch square TV's and their phone's have only started sending text messages on their grey Nokia 1610 screens!

The show hasn't hooked me yet, but I'll give it a few more episodes. Nicole has bailed on me though and doesn't want to to watch it, so it might take me about 3 years now to watch all the episodes!
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