It's Shavathon weekend!!

This weekend is a big one ... t's the annual CANSA Shavathon 2014!

Being a cancer survivor, the Shavathon means a lot to me. It's a show of strength and compassion for those that have the disease. It's a celebration with those that have overcome it. It's also a tribute to those that passed away from cancer.

From a broadcast point of view it'll be a fascinating one! I'll be starting the KIA Take40sa live from East Rand Mall on Saturday morning at 10am. At about 11.30am my crew and I then get into my Sorento and continue broadcasting from the backseat of the SUV as we make our way to Cresta Shopping Centre, where we'll continue doing the show until 2pm!

I'll also have the KFM Ground Patrol Team at Canal Walk and Tygervalley. My aim is to create the awareness around Shavathon, and even if you can't get to a shopping centre we're involved with, We want you to go to your nearest participating centre and take part!
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