The new iPhone 7... in non-gadgety language (that my wife can understand)

Whenever Apple do a media event I always try and decifer the nerdy technical blurb for my wife so she can make an informed decision on whether to upgrade or not. Even before looking at the iPhone 7, my rule of thumb is, if I am 2 iPhone generations behind, then it's probably worth the upgrade. I am using an iPhone 6 so will definitely get an iPhone 7. If you just bought yourself an iPhone 6s, then even though you won't have some of the new features in the iPhone 7, I'm not sure upgrading would be worth spending upwards of R15000 - R20000 for.

So here is the news in a nutshell:

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the 2nd biggest selling watch brand in the world and the #1 selling smart watch in the world. And the big news is the new generation Apple Watch Series 2 is here.

It's the same shape as the old one, but the 2 major advances are it's now fully waterproof (up to 50m) which is great for swimmers and also has built-in GPS (great for runners who don't want to take their iPhones along with them when they run). It's also faster and brighter.

Apple watch series 2

That said, nothing is worse than having an original Apple Watch (probably acquired through Discovery) and feeling "watch envy". I don't feel it, thank heavens. I'm not a runner or swimmer so won't be dashing off to get the new Series 2.

Both the original Apple Watch and Series 2 get the new software update (WatchOS3) next Tuesday.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

This was what we were all waiting for. Some of the big advances are:

1) Water resistant (not the same as waterproof. The difference is you can now fall in the pool with your iPhone 7 and it will be fine, but get out the water quickly. Don't decide to stay in and have a cocktail).

2) New cameras on front and back that are super-dooper (iPhone 7-Plus has 2 cameras at the back!)

3) Stereo speakers that also push out volume levels 2x louder than before

4) On average, 2 hours better battery life per charge

5) Increased storage of 256GB (which means many more photos and videos). They have dropped the 16GB version.

6) This is the biggest change. Goodbye to the old headphone jack. It comes with earphones that have a lightning connector (this plugs into the same port you charge with). It's new technology and we need to embrace it. Just a bummer if you were trying to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. If you do still want to use your old earphones they include an adapter in the box along with the new lightning EarPods.

Lightning connector

The solution really is to move over to wireless earphones and they have also released Apple Airpods (it's their earphones without the cables).  I think they're cool, but my concern is their wired ones always pop out my ears, so I would probably lose the wireless ones.

Wireless Airpods

Will I get the new iPhone 7? I've already placed my order with my local Vodashop! No news yet on when they will be in SA , but the first batch of countries get their shipments on 16 September, with another 100 countries announced a week later (we might be part of that).  I think we'll have the iPhone 7 in SA by mid to late October, which is much quicker than in years gone by when we'd only get them late December.

As for the cash price... prepare to pay an arm, leg, testicle and ovary. My guess is that the top end 256GB model will be hovering around the R20k mark. I hope you are due for an upgrade.

By the way, even if you have the older iPhone, the new software (iOS10) will be available for download next Tuesday.

One rumour that didn't pan out was wireless charging for the new iPhone 7. Oh well, there's always the iPhone 8 to look forward to next year.

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