I'm being watched!

I think I have officially watched too many cop shows over the years, because for the last few days an "RV" caravan with tinted windows has been parked across the road from my house, and I can only imagine that there's 3 guys in there with cameras and headphones.

Every time I leave my house I think I can hear the radio coms saying "This is Alpha 1, the bogey is leaving".

That's okay though, because I am going to spy on the spies! Yesterday I bought myself a quadcopter and camera! Ha ha to the men in black. That mosquito sound you might be hearing above your head is me watching you and I'm chatting into my radio saying "Alpha 2, the smokeys are locked and contained. Over".

There again, it might just be someone's caravan parked in the road.

P.s, if you want to buy a DJI Phantom Quadcopter, my mate Dean owns Aerial Concepts, the biggest flying hobby shop in the country. He's based in Woodmead. Tell him I sent you and he must give you a good deal! 011 802 8500.
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