What my girls will do when they're older.

I posted this photo on twitter over the weekend, but in case you missed it, here are my girls in a brief moment when they were not screaming at each other:

Even though she's hasn't done it yet, Tayla-Jean LOVES everything to do with ballet and always prances around the house in her "ballet dress". In fact, we have to keep explaining to her why she can't wear it to school. Alyssa, does everything her older sister does, so she is now wearing her ballet dress too.

Speaking of Alyssa, she has become obsessed with my motorbike. In fact, it's ALL bikes. We were at Sandton City yesterday and I had to keep taking her to the parking lot (or experience the wrath of her tantrums), because she wanted to keep saying hi to the parked motorcycles. At home we have to say good night and good morning to my Vespa parked in the garage.

So it would appear that when my girls are older, i'll have a ballerina and a biker chick.
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