JHB storms and rainbows in our hair

Last week I was with someone in Cape Town who had it on their bucket list to visit Johannesburg to experience mother nature unleashing her wrath on the city.

Our thunderstorms are truly remarkable. The downside is the amount of damage caused by instant flooding and hail. These were some of the tennis balls that smashed car windows last week:

One of the beauties though, is that just when you think there's no end in sight and Noah's boat would have come in handy just about now... the storm disappears just as quickly as it arrived. The sun shines and the rainbows emerge. Here's Nicole and Tayla-Jean looking for that elusive pot of gold yesterday:

Onto rainbows in peoples hair. Marc Lottering and myself are once again the poster guys for the next Shavathon (happening in March next year). Here's one of the posters in production, where we have swapped hairstyles. I love it!

Finally, just a quick update on a previous blog where Sandton City is suddenly seeming to be prejudiced against motorcyclists and wanting us to be charged full parking price even though we park in the nooks and crannies so cars can still park in bays. Their communications manager emailed last night to say they are still finalising their official reply to my blog. We wait with baited breath. (blog here:
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