The weekend that was

With so much rain coming down in Johannesburg over the past few days, my doggie poo gazebo is proving to be a big hit. Not so much for the dogs, as they still seem to wander past it boundaries and get drenched in the garden, but at least I'm quite dry while I stand there waiting for them to do their business!

Our little chihuahua has settle in nicely. Cappuccino is now almost 12 weeks old and he's tiny legs can carry him up our stairs. He just hasn't figured out yet how to come back down... or that my finger is not a sausage:

Onto our 2 legged children. Alyssa had a raging temperature last night. She's off to the doctor this morning. Kids get temperatures quite often, as if nature designed it that way to be the red flag to parents that something is wrong. But despite her fever, she still wanted to dance in my office at 6am:

So the One Direction fans got more than a little excited this weekend. While chatting to the concert promoter Big Concerts about the 1D World pop up store coming to Johannesburg at the end of the month, Justin also admitted that plans are underway to bring the lads to South Africa, probably next year. This is the first official confirmation we've had and twitter exploded moments after the interview. My radio show started trending at number 1, above the weekend rugby chatter and Oscar trial!

One of the fans recorded the interview and it was on Soundacloud minutes later:

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