Flu and apples.

This long weekend I was plagued with the flu (again). I'm not surprised considering my kids have been swinging snot around for over a week.

Besides it affecting work, it's frustrating not being able to exercise either. Bugger. Being a viral infection (which anti-biotics can't help), a good doctor friend of mine has recommended Olive Leaf Extract, which I'm taking at the moment. Here's hoping it clears up soon. The red wine helped a little yesterday too!

Speaking of the medical world, I go for blood tests today in preparation of my 2-yearly cancer check up on Wednesday. I'd being lying if I didn't get a a little nervous whenever it's time to go and get checked out, but always remain positive!

The old cliche "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" brings me to some Apple news! (I like connecting my stories!). It seems that 10 September is the rumoured date that Apple will hold their next media event, where it's expected they'll reveal the iPhone 5S. I'm hoping they'll surprise us with the iPhone 6 instead, but very much doubt that will happen. I'll keep you posted as more news gets leaked before the big day.
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