The kingdom for a selfie stick

At the end of last week I spent 2 days in Swaziland on a shoot for one of my clients. I love this small country. Here's a pic of my crew and I rehearsing a link in Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland (I was probably forgetting my lines again):


Let's be honest though, Swaziland is all about the King (and his many wives). King Mswati III's face is everywhere, even on their traditional dress (which I donned for one of the TV show links):


if you've ever flown to Swaziland, you'll remember the dilapidated airport with ceiling boards missing (amongst other things). Well, the King has just built his nation a brand new state of the art international airport. Here's a pic I was able to take before security banned me from snapping any more shots:


The only downside to the new airport is that it takes 1.5 hours to drive from the airport to the nation's capital, whereas from the old airport it was about 15 minutes. 

I look forward to visiting this great, yet tiny, nation again soon. I just hope we don't stay at the Royal Swazi Sun again. I've mentioned this before, it truly is Sun International's forgotten child.  I don't think it's had a revamp since 1985. In 2015, at a 5 star hotel you should not have to pay for Wi-Fi or stand in a bath to have a shower. 

In other news, my selfie stick arrived at the end of last week. Yay!

I know it's cheesy, but you get to take some great shots with it. Here's Alyssa's first attempt:


I think the trick is to try and angle it so you don't notice the pole... we'll get there!!

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