Pilgrim household update

So the Pilgrim household is on the mend! Alyssa is feeling a lot better now that she is almost over her Pharyngitis and bronchitis.

I'm still leaking spider gunk out of my abdomen...nothing new there!

Even though I'm hobbling around I'm also dashing around with excitement as we begin shop fitting the Smooch store next week. It will take about a month to get everything in place and we'll open along with all the other retailers on 29 May when the new mega mall, Forest Hill City, officially opens its doors.

Closer to the time we will be interviewing students for weekend work at the store, so if you live in Centurion area and want to earn money whilst working for a funky brand, drop me an email and i'll let you know when the interviews take place towards the middle of May (!

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The wicked web it weaves

I've never liked spiders, but after the past 3 weeks I am now petrified of them.

If I see a spider it's getting squashed. No more Mr Nice Guy, scooping them up in tupperware and releasing them in my neighbour's garden.

Two weeks after the operation to remove the infected flesh from the spider bite on my stomach, I still have a gaping hole in-between the stitches and crap is still coming out of it every day. The pain killers are making me so goofy I had to cancel doing the Breakfast Show on radio this week! Thank heavens for medical aid because the doctors bills have already exceeded R22000. We're not sure what spider it was, but it was a mean son-of-a-bitch.

It also doesn't help that people are tweeting me all these horror stories of people losing limbs and dying from spider bites! At least I can say I am getting better, albeit very slowly.

On top of me hobbling around, Nicole has flu and Alyssa as Bronchitis and Pharyngitis! So it's been an interesting Pilgrim household over the past few days.

Anyway, the glass is always half full and not half empty. Thank heavens the spider didn't bite me on my pecker!
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What amazing nurses we have.

So it turns out it wasn't an ingrown hair after all, but a spider bite, probably when I was on holiday in Phinda Game Reserve last week.

This is the result of that little critter (apologies if you're squeamish).

That white thing is a drain that's been inserted into the wound to drain the remaining infection.

A big thank you to the nurses at Morningside Medi-clinic. Even though I was flat on my back, they still made me feel like a million bucks. A special thanks for what they do every day on the job.

Here is a selfie of Unit Manager Tavares and her team that looked after me:

I fortunately get to go home today, and back to work tomorrow. 
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