We survived the first day of school!

We survived the first day of school... and so did my girls! It was a day I will remember for years to come. In fact, it was a double dose of tension both my girls took a step into the unknown this morning.

Tayla-Jean has started big school in Grade 000. It means wearing a uniform for the first time in her life, which is a battle in itself as all she ever wants to wear is "pretty fairy dresses". It takes her a while to warm up to people and new environments, so Nicole and I knew it would be a bit of a challenge this morning.

All was fine until my wife had to say goodbye. If you heard a continuous scream at about 7.15am... yep, that was my daughter. After about 15 minutes though she calmed down to a mild frenzy and the rest of the morning went okay. She was a little glum when she got home... until I pulled out the ice cream (still referring to my daughter and not my wife):

My younger daughter, 1 year old Alyssa is a lot more happy-go-lucky, and taking her to play school today for the first time was a breeze. I hung around for a few minutes and she took off to make sand castles:

So, much respect to all the mums and dads that went through the same motions this morning.

And unlike the 30% pass rate accepted by our education department... to my girls: Dad considers a pass to be 70% or higher!
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How my Sandton kugel wife cuts onions

So we usually have this onion cutting thingy that chops the onions without shedding a tear. As luck would have it, last night a piece of the contraption was missing, so we had to go "old school" and cut the onions by hand.

I would usually just brace myself and prepare to shed a good couple of tears. No, not my kugel wife. She came up with another idea...

Simple, yet very effective. Well done Sandton mamma! :)

Speaking of last night, the highlight of the social calendar was going to the Olympus has Fallen premiere to meet Hollywood actor Gerard Butler. Nicole and I cancelled yesterday afternoon because Tayla-Jean wasn't feeling to well after having her tonsils out a few days ago. Whilst it would have been great to be at the premiere, there was no place I would rather have been last night than at my daughter's side. It's now day 5 after the op and (excuse the graphic nature of the sentence), but it's when the scabs form in the throat. She took a bit of strain last night and this morning, but the medication seems to have kicked in again and all is okay at the moment.

We also got some some great news this morning. After an anxious wait, we heard this morning that Tayla-Jean has been shortlisted for a place in Grade 000 at Grayston Preparatory School next year. They only admit 16 pupils so I've had a knot in my stomach for a while now. Tomorrow it's off to the Principal's office for an interview. It's amazing, no matter how old you get, there's something still nerve wracking about being called to the Principal's office! I almost want to quickly make a "jack pad" out of an old car's inner tube!

Wish us luck. I love the school and really want her to get in.

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