Mums... are you giving hijackers too much info?

As a parent, nothing is more important to me than the safety and protection of my girls. As a responsible Dad, I have a "Baby on Board" sticker attached to the back window of my car and so does my wife.

The latest trend though when it comes to baby signage is the "stick family". You build it up according to how many people (and animals) are in your family. So it's not a generic sticker, but a depiction of who lives in your house.

I'm no criminal, but I always try and put myself in their shoes, so I can ultimately try and outwit them. Whilst you might be a proud mum or dad, do you not realise by putting these stickers on your car you are immediately advertising to the carjacker the exact constitution of your family unit? You are giving them instant information to assess how vulnerable you are as a target, even down to the dogs they have to overpower if they enter your property.

A lot of people even have personalised "baby on board signs". I KNOW you're a proud parent, but to the carjacker or kidnapper you are instantly giving the name of your child away... if he mentions your child by name, he's half way there to gaining their trust.

If you have these personalised signs on your car, probably nothing will ever happen... but even if there is a remote possibility you're giving a perpetrator a heads up, is it worth taking the chance?

Just a thought. Would love your comments.

P.s, as a side note, even I am guilty. I tattooed my girls names on my arm... I have the stick family on my arms. 
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