Like sand through the hourglass and... my crevices.

One of the great things about being a freelance entertainer is that I travel quite a bit to places I wouldn't otherwise go. This past week was the desert dunes of Swakopmund in Namibia. The sand is a fine dust and you soon realise it has landed on you in places you never even knew you had a crevice.

It was a 2 hour plane ride from Johannesburg to Walvis Bay in Nambia, and then a 20 minute car ride to Swakopmund.


For the record, the plane I arrived in was a LITTLE bit bigger than the one on the tarmac in the photo.

Swakopmund is an interesting town. It's really a bunch of low rise buildings built on the sand with the weird juxtaposition of the sea crashing against the shore.


The German heritage is strong with most street names and buildings having German names.

But my gig (I was the MC and deejay for a corporate sales conference) was not in the town itself. It was 30 minutes into the desert, with nothing around us for miles except sand dunes and a couple of camels:


The events company (HiSide Events) pulled off a spectacular event for our client MSD Pharmaceuticals and delegates partied amongst the dunes until 3.30am!

Only when back in Johannesburg was I able to fully dislodge all the sand from my orifices.

In other news:


A big thank you to everyone that regularly read my column in Living and Loving Magazine. For the last two and a half years I've been writing a "daddy" column on the back page. But, as the subtitle of the magazine says, it's aimed at parents from pregnancy to pre-school and my girls are growing up past the target audience of the mag.

It has come time to hand the "pen" over to another dad who is still immersed in the world of nappies and projectile vomiting. A big thank you to the team at Caxton who gave me the freedom to write whatever I liked every single month!

My final column will be in the March issue.

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