So, there was a Doctor and a Virgin...

It's been a really interesting couple of days. On Wednesday I had the crew from SABC3's "Doctors Orders" come to my house and film an insert on heart disease and my experience having the heart attack back in 2008. As part of the filming I diligently prepared a healthy lunch of tuna and rice...

When the camera stopped rolling, I put that meal aside ... and had beans on toast (my gourmet contribution to the culinary world).

That same afternoon we had a journalist from "Your Family" come over and chat to my wife and I about stem cell storage. We've stored both our girls stem cells and, like an insurance policy, we hope we never have to use them, but take comfort in knowing they are available. To date I think stem cells can cure over 50 previously untreatable diseases (check out for more info).

Speaking of magazines, Living and Loving magazine have asked me to write their monthly "dad" column. If you're a regular reader of my blogs, you'll know countless blog posts have been dedicated to fatherhood, so I'm really chuffed I get to waffle to an even bigger audience. My first contribution will be in the December issue. Also, Nicole and Alyssa (my 1 year old) will be on the November cover. Very cool! Thanks Living and Loving!

Speaking of cool. It's not every day I can say that I sat down and chin wagged with Sir Richard Branson. Yesterday it happened. With the Johannesburg skyline as the backdrop, he made a stop at the new Virgin Active Alice Lane where I was asked to MC the occasion. He was very polite and friendly to the 400+ people that attended. Here we are chatting just before going on stage:

And here's a pic of us chatting to the crowd:

He's a living legend that garners respect from most captains of industry, so it was a real treat being on stage with him. 

Just a heads up for next week, I'm out of the country on business Monday to Wednesday. I'll try and write a blog while away, but have no idea what internet connectivity will be like, so might only be back on this site on Thursday next week.

Thanks as always for popping on and reading my blurbs!
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