Tattoos and a hangover

I've just returned from having 2 of my tattoos worked on by the legendary Pepe from Hardcore Tattoos in Parkhurst.

As far as tattoos go, he's seen as the guru in Johannesburg... and it's a 3 month waiting list to get an appointment. Today he fixed up the tattoo on my arm that says "Tayla-Jean". I've spent just over 2 years having laser surgery on it to repair what another tattoo artist cocked up, and today Pepe gave the parts I've kept a "fresh coat of paint" (see old blog here: He also made another tattoo (that says "Alyssa") bolder to match the same font as "Tayla-Jean".

I've already got the concept in my head for my 4th tattoo... I'll let you know what it is if I go ahead with it in a few months time. These things ARE addictive.

Yesterday Nicole and I took time out from the daily life of parenting and went on a date night. We had sundowners at The Pivot hotel at Monte Casino, before heading off for chicken curry at The Raj and then the movie premiere of Hangover 3, compliments of MNET Movie Magic. 

Here's the deal with the movie. It has a lot of references to the previous movies so if you haven't watched them you won't get half of the jokes in the 3rd installment. As a stand alone movie it really isn't that great, but in the context of the trilogy there were a few moments where I thought I would pee my pants with laughter.  If you're debating whether to see it or not, I wouldn't rush to go see it at the cinema, but rather wait until it hits iTunes and Box Office.

Some guys pitched up at the premiere last night in character!...

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