How married guys know it's Spring

At the beginning of September there are several signs that Spring is here. The weather starts warming up. The birds start chirping in the mornings. The leaves on trees start sprouting again. Even the covers come off swimming pools.

But in our house there's another obvious sign that the season has just changed... my wife has boxes of clothes scattered everywhere as she changes her wardrobe!

Us guys are simple, partly because our winter and summer clothing is the same, the only difference is a jacket. And all our clothes fit in one cupboard. With my wife, the change of season is as life changing as the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. It also bears testament to the philosophy that men are hunters and women are hoarders!

I must pay respect to Nicole though. At least she stores her non-seasonal clothing away in containers. It could have been worse. She could simply use the cupboard space for ALL her clothes and I'd have to use the spare room!

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