How irony came and e-Tagged me on the ass

We've become so reliant on computers, that when my Macbook crashed on me on Monday night I went into a spinning frenzy.  If this was the Pentagon, I went into the highest DEFCON level as I started assessing the damage. Not having my computer was like someone had chopped my fingers off at the knuckles.

Thanks heavens I'm a Virgo and I have back ups of back ups. I was able to reformat my drive and reload everything.... a whole day of my life I will never get back though as I cancelled my bookings yesterday to get everything back up and running.

The only thing I didn't cancel was a lunch invitation by Afrihost (the internet service provider). They have a full time chef that prepares lunch for the 200+ staff everyday. The boss's philosophy is that if he looks after his staff, they in turn will better look after the clients. I think more companies should adopt that approach. Even their receptionist had the biggest smile!

Just before I go, I have to make a confession. After ranting and raving on twitter, vehemently opposing the purchasing of e-tags (which I still believe people should not support), I got a call from KIA saying the e-tag for my Sorento is ready for collection! I forgot in the whole process that I'm driving a sponsored car and have to comply with company policy! Bugger. Now, every time the bloody thing beeps as I go under a gantry, I cheer the people that booed Zuma yesterday at the FNB Stadium.

At least I'm standing up for my rights on my motorbike. I now won't got to Sandton City on it (see previous blog) and I won't get an e-Tag for it.
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