Last night was a true MasterChef experience

With the fireplace roaring last night at Hoeveld House, a function venue in the posh suburb of Inanda, MNET invited 19 "friends" to experience a VIP dinner hosted by Masterchef Judge Benny Masekwameng.

It's quite a clever marketing strategy. Put 19 people who enjoy tweeting and blogging around a table, make sure the WiFi signal is strong, and invite them to constantly use their phones at the dinner table as the top 16 finalists for Season 2 of Masterchef South Africa are revealed.

Whilst watching last night's episode of Masterchef on the big screen, we all tucked into a scrumptious meal and good wine. I'm not a great chef by any means, so I always appreciate the art of good food, and the care that goes into dishes behind the scenes. The menu was outstanding:

There was only one problem... I don't eat lamb! It stems from being a kid and my step-dad forcing me to eat sheep heart. I remember vividly how chewy the aorta was. Yeegghhh. So, I opted for the veggie meal.

Without going into detail about ingredients, the chefs in the kitchen were amazing! They mixed a little peanut butter with the creamed spinach and it was unbelievable...who would have thought!!

I also got a tip from Edward, a chef with Springbok colours (no, he doesn't cook FOR the Springboks) on how to perfect a roast potato. Boil baby potatoes until they are almost falling apart, then place them in a cold fridge (so the starch condenses). Heat up oil in a baking tray at 220 C and then put the cold potatoes in the hot oil for about 5 minutes. After they are done, pop them in a frying pan with a blob of butter and marmite to perfect the glaze. Holy whack, that sure sounds more tasty than me plonking a potato in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Nicole and I had a great night out. Thank you MNET and Masterchef SA ... and it worked. We are now hooked onto Season 2 of the show!

Towards the end of the evening though my flu started kicking in again. It's now day 8 and I was getting better, but somehow got a secondary infection yesterday (so said my doctor this morning), and I've been flat on m back in bed...again! The problem as a voice artist is: no voice... no work. Some days though you just have to take a "sickie" and chill.

At least I had a bit of time to write my blog today!
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A few birthday pics & the best steak in JHB

Yesterday Alyssa turned 1. Not that she really knew what the fuss was about. For her, it was just an opportunity to eat lots of sweets and cake.

Here we were just before heading out to the kiddies restaurant for the party:

This was her cake:

And here's Alyssa sitting on her Grandad's lap after devouring the cake:

I was so busy running between my two girls yesterday I didn't get to take too many pics, but I'll have more in a few days when I get them from our guests!

And then from one restaurant to another. Last night, Nicole and I went for dinner at Thomas Maxwell Bistro in Parkmore and it was without doubt the best steak I've ever had. Considering I've eaten a lot of cows in my life, that's quite a statement! In fact, the second best steak ever was at their sister restaurant Red Rabbit in Bryanston. It's well worth a visit if you are in the Sandton area.
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