Happy 2014!

I love Christmas time and after the holidays it's always that mixed emotion of sadness that the holidays are over mixed with renewed vigour for the new year!

My girls and I had a great holiday in Cape Town. I think I dunked my toe in the water once. It was so cold every possible appendage retracted back towards my torso for warmth. My kids loved the beach.

When coming back to Johannesburg, we took them to the Egoli equivalent of non-stop entertainment... Pappachino's restaurant. Thanks heavens for restaurants that now cater for children with huge play areas. We spent almost a whole week there.

Today (hopefully) the builders also come back to our house to finish off the last few days of renovations. It's been a hectic 4 months, but well worth it, as Tayla-Jean is loving her new bedroom. It used to be the "old spare room": 

And now her bedroom is almost bigger than ours:

Alyssa has also had some changes in her bedroom. Last week she moved from the cot to a bed... and has only fallen out once!

Here's to a great year ahead with some big changes. I've formed a new company which will hopefully be doing great things in 2014. More details as things come about! I'm also looking forward to continue bringing you the biggest songs every Saturday as I count down SA's top 40 tunes on the KIA Take40sa.
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Getting a roof over my head & a hairy upper lip

After almost 4 weeks of not having a roof over one of our bedrooms or my new office, today the slab is being laid and I no longer have to worry about the rain (well, on one side of the house anyway). The last few times it pissed down in Johannesburg, water seeped through my kitchen roof and came out of my light switches. I didn't sleep a wink.

This is one side of Tayla-Jean's new bedroom that is being expanded:

When the bedroom is finished and my older daughter moves into it, she has already insisted the carpet and door be pink. Anyone know where I can get a decent round pink carpet? Yes, she insists it be a round one. She's become quite the madam lately.

Here she is with the rest of the family. I'm the weirdo with that stupid piece of fluff growing on my lip for Movember.

Speaking of mens health, tomorrow is D-Day! I don't think i've ever worn a speedo in my life (I'm more of a "baggies" kinda guy), but tomorrow I put on the marble bag... the banana hammock... to raise awareness of testicular cancer when I do the Daredevil Run through peak (or is it "peek") hour traffic. I'll be chatting about the race on e-TV's Sunrise tomorrow morning (I think at about 7.15am).

I also have SABC3's Espresso coming to my house next Monday to chat about Movember. If you're a guy and you haven't signed up yet, simply go to

So here's to a month of us guys looking like idiots for a very worthy cause.
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The chaos at home.

So the building renovations are in full swing and m new home office is taking shape. But anyone that's done renovations will know, it's pandemonium at home with guys, tools and dust all over the place!

Not only are we gutting and renovating two rooms, we're also repainting the skirtings and doors in all the other rooms of the house...

The heavy downpour in Johannesburg last night didn't help things too much either when water started coming out of my light switch downstairs in the kitchen!

I keep saying to myself that it'll be worth it in the end.

To drown out the banging noises my daughter has taken up singing. She always sees me in front of my microphone at home doing voice overs and asked me last week for her own one!

Idols out for Tayla-Jean Pilgrim!
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My baby girl gets her first magazine cover!

Every bloke needs a man cave. A sanctuary of peace. A place where gadgets can lay around freely without the fear of a toddler's chip-licked fingers groping them and having all the wrong buttons pushed.

My man cave is rising from the ashes and taking shape once more!!

What was once just an open landing at the top of of the stairs, now has internal walls and a door. It'll look more complete when we finish rebuilding the outside wall of the house though so it actually has FOUR walls...

There are always so many horror stories about builders. In fact, the guy that built the house originally 4 years ago, I wouldn't touch again with a barge pole. But the contractor I'm using now is superb. It's great when someone takes pride in their work and also values their workers. It's also very rare.

Speaking of bosses, if you are one, here's hoping you enjoyed Bosses Day yesterday! Being my own boss I treated myself to the afternoon off and enjoyed catching up on a few episodes of 24! 

The real boss of the house was bashfully cringing though, because she saw her magazine cover yesterday! Nicole and my baby girl Alyssa are on the cover of the November issue of Living and Loving Magazine out next week. Considering my wife hates cameras, I'm so proud of both of my girls and think she looks gorgeous!

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The hole in the wall and the tired chihuahua

This weekend was 48 hours of great family time. I've been jetting off a lot lately so it was great to be able to chill at the pool with my girls and go for walks.

We forget though that our little chihuahua's legs clock up a lot more steps than ours do, and half way on our 4km stroll to the shops yesterday, Charles put his thumb out and asked for a lift.

Speaking of steps, our younger daughter took her first step towards emancipation this weekend. She got the freedom of the stairs... we removed the kiddie gate. It's amazing how excited we got as well as we no longer have to hurdle over the thing every time we go up and down. You'd be surprised how often we land up going up and down those friggin' stairs. My pedometer often shows I've done 2km in my house before 8.30am).

Of course, if I really wanted to get downstairs quickly I could always just jump out the back of the house...

Yes, that IS a gaping hole in our house wall. Renovations are well under way. I would love to write more, but I must go as I need to cough up some more dust.
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Almost cementing my face in history

My girls have spent 2 nights in the same room and it's gone surprisingly well. No territorial clashes by my older daughter because her younger sister is sharing her space. Phew. It's the small blessings that can really make your day a good one!

At 3am I didn't feel blessed though. I woke up hearing an intermittent beep telling me that one of the smoke detectors battery was running low. Like a lion stalking its prey, after each beep (waiting a minute apart), I narrowed down the culprit. Of course it's the one in the bedroom under construction, with a pile of (still) wet brick cement under it.

With my eyes still bleary from sleep I tried to think what MacGyver would do. I'm not going to stand in the wet cement. Ahhhhahh...."use the bricks" a little voice tells me. So I start piling bricks into a little tower at the edge of the cement pile.

Besides the wobble factor that almost toppled me into the wet muck, it was not under the sensor enough for me to stretch and reach. So at 3.15am, I gave up on being an improvising genius and went down to the garage to fetch an A-frame ladder. By 3.30am it was all sorted... except I was now so wide awake that I never went back to sleep.

Rather be tired though than land face first in a pile of cement. Always a good philosophy to have.
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My girls share a room...and the walls came crumbling down!

I'm back in South Africa and can blog once again!

I was in Malawi filming a television show I do for Standard Bank. One of the most noticeable things when driving between towns in Malawi is how quiet the roads are. being such a poor nation, there are hundreds of people walking on the sides of the road, but not that many cars.

I'm not going to lie. Parts of Malawi are beautiful, but it was so nice coming back home. We were delayed at Blantyre airport by an hour though because the Malawian president arrived at the airport (which barely has space for 2 planes) and the marching bands and choirs were all bussed in to make her feel great as she got off her plane.

I generally have a problem with any country that insists the president's portrait be up in all buildings, so I didn't take too graciously to the delay. I kept my frustration under wraps though as security forces were there n force and even wanted to confiscate any photos tourists took. My logic is, it's not the pictures that pose a threat, but the fact that 150 somewhat impatient SAA passengers were allowed to stand on the tarmac with a vantage point to take the photos in the first place.

Anyway, after the locals sang her praises and blew a bit of presidential sunshine up her jet stairway, she moved off the tarmac and we were allowed to board our plane.

I came home to a broken house! In just one day my office and Alyssa's bedroom have been demolished. We're moving the exterior wall of the house out by a metre to give me a little more space at home. By the end of the week, the office will have a new interior wall and the renovations will be bricked off from the rest of the house until complete.

The biggest upheaval though while the renovations take place is not my office, because I can work in the dining room. It's that my 1 year old Alyssa doesn't have a bedroom for 2 months and we were faced with the dilemma of her sleeping in our room or her sisters.

Siblings sleeping in the same room works in some households and in others causes World War 3. Nicole and I have always been strict on the girls not sleeping in our room, so with much trepidation we mentioned to Tayla-Jean that it would be SO COOL if her sister slept in her room with her. Surprisingly our territorial offspring also thought it would be cool, and so last night we moved Alyssa's cot into her bedroom.  I'll let you know how it goes over the next couple of days!
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