Who moved my cheese... oh, it's the rat

There's been a a game of cat and mouse rat in my house over the past few days... and I think i'm losing.

On Friday night my wife took the potatoes out the cupboard and noticed one looked a little gnawed. She shouted for me to come have a look. I was in denial, saying it was probably just rotten when she bought it from the store...and then we saw the rat poop. In all of our kitchen drawers and cupboards.  It's amazing how many nooks and spaces there are between the back of kitchen units.

So for the last few days Ratatouille the Rat and I have been trying to outwit each other. I've been laying down my delicious peanut butter traps and training a live camera on it so I can see what happens even when I'm away.

The problem is, I have 2 chihuahuas that are barely bigger than the rat, so I only have small pockets of opportunity to lay the trap when the dogs are put outside for an hour or two.

Alas, it has not worked. So now I spend my afternoons shaking curtains and looking under couches. The rat taunts me by leaving poop in his wake.

I've managed to get it to nibble on rat poison. Even if it pegs, it'll probably keel over behind a kitchen cabinet, requiring me to break a bit of it down to stop its continual decay and the river of maggots.

Charming. Regardless of whether it lives or dies, I think I've lost this battle.

UPDATE: A few hours after writing this blog, it made what would turn out to be a fatal mistake. The rat scurried across the lounge as I was walking past and revealed its position. So with the determination of a battle commander, I set up the trap, lay down 2 live camera feeds, and watched on the iPad from the room upstairs, as it took the bait... and succumbed to its injuries. It was all over in a matter of seconds. RIP little fella. It had to happen. The hygiene of my home and my girls comes first.


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