A lot of screaming

The last 24 hours has seen a lot of screaming.

Yesterday I took my 2 girls to the Barney concert at the Dome and when he came out the place absolutely erupted. Yes, in case you want to know, he sang all his big hits and ended off with "I love you".

We were fortunate enough to be able to go backstage after the show where Tayla-Jean gave him a card she had made for him ... surprisingly he didn't say much :).

Of course Dad had to be uncool and take a selfie...

Thanks to Warren and the team at the Mamma Magic Expo for making it happen.  Here's another pic with our friend Nicole and Skyela:

And from screaming toddlers to screaming teenagers. One Direction eventually confirmed their concert dates in South Africa early next year.  I'm SO glad it's now official, because I've been saying for weeks on air that its confirmed... at least now Directioners know I wasn't bullshitting!

Have a great Monday!
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The weekend that was

What a difference a few days can make. In my last blog I wrote about my little chihuahua that kept crapping upstairs because he could climb the stairs, but not yet go down them. This weekend, he braved the height, faced his fears and now scoots up AND down. And he still does the odd poo upstairs.

This weekend was also a big moment for Tayla-Jean. A non-parent wouldn't appreciate the moment, but for us it was a milestone. My daughter progressed from a normal car seat to a booster seat. This is probably the equivalent of giving a teenager a set of keys for their own car. You see, now she gets to use a normal seat belt for the first time. She's been beaming and talking about it non stop!

This past weekend was also a twitter record for my show. Based on tweets per second, the #KIATake40SA trended worldwide alongside the politics of RUSSIA and the disappeared Malaysian plane #MH370. It happened all because I was giving away an autographed postcard of One Direction. The boys have some passionate fans out there!

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The weekend that was

With so much rain coming down in Johannesburg over the past few days, my doggie poo gazebo is proving to be a big hit. Not so much for the dogs, as they still seem to wander past it boundaries and get drenched in the garden, but at least I'm quite dry while I stand there waiting for them to do their business!

Our little chihuahua has settle in nicely. Cappuccino is now almost 12 weeks old and he's tiny legs can carry him up our stairs. He just hasn't figured out yet how to come back down... or that my finger is not a sausage:

Onto our 2 legged children. Alyssa had a raging temperature last night. She's off to the doctor this morning. Kids get temperatures quite often, as if nature designed it that way to be the red flag to parents that something is wrong. But despite her fever, she still wanted to dance in my office at 6am:

So the One Direction fans got more than a little excited this weekend. While chatting to the concert promoter Big Concerts about the 1D World pop up store coming to Johannesburg at the end of the month, Justin also admitted that plans are underway to bring the lads to South Africa, probably next year. This is the first official confirmation we've had and twitter exploded moments after the interview. My radio show started trending at number 1, above the weekend rugby chatter and Oscar trial!

One of the fans recorded the interview and it was on Soundacloud minutes later:

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SMOOCH is going in One Direction!

Yesterday was a full day of planning my first SMOOCH store opening up at the end of May! It involved putting on our hard hats and getting our feet dirty because the new regional shopping centre in Centurion, Forest Hill City, is still under construction.

My business partner, our architect and myself walked the floor plan, deciding what the layout of the store will be! Exciting times being involved with a funky and exciting brand! If you're in the area, I look forward to seeing you there when we open!

Speaking of exciting...

If you're a Directioner in South Africa, I think I might hear you screaming (or is it "fan-girling"?) this weekend as I've been asked to make an announcement regarding the boys. Make sure you tune in to the KIA Take40sa on Saturday morning at 10am!!

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So what's all the hype about One Direction?

That's the question someone asked me on the weekend after I finished the KIA Take40sa. On the show I dedicated quite a bit of airtime talking about the lads, giving their brand new song "Story of my life" its first airplay in South Africa.

Well, here's the deal. If you're asking what all the hype is about, it means you clearly don't have a teenage daughter.

Every couple of years, a young artist/band comes along that captures the hearts and fantasies of millions of teenagers. If you're over 40 you probably swooned over the Beatles or David Cassidy (if you're under 40 you have no idea who David Cassidy is!). I remember the frenzy over Hanson in the 90s. More recently it was the frenzy over Justin Bieber.

But I have to say in all 19 years on radio, I have NEVER seen a frenzy like this one. Directioners (the moniker given to the fans of the group) are so passionate that most of them on twitter have assumed the surname of one of the guys in the group!

Granted, a few years ago social media was not as prevalent as it is now, so maybe the frenzy for artists was there, we just weren't as exposed to it. On Saturday, the moment I started talking about the boys, 94.5Kfm trended at number one in South Africa on twitter.

The reality is, in a few years time there will be "new kids on the block" and the screams, fainting and "fangirling" (read THAT in the urban dictionary) will be for some guys who right now are too young to realise they will be rockstars in a few years time. When my 2 daughters (now 1 and 3) are teenagers they will be screaming for youngsters not even conceived yet.

For now though, in 2013, it's all about One Direction. Am I a Directioner myself? Well, I don't do any "fangirling" myself, but the litmus paper test is always: "Would I put their CD on in my car to listen to?".

You better believe it.

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