So what's all the hype about One Direction?

That's the question someone asked me on the weekend after I finished the KIA Take40sa. On the show I dedicated quite a bit of airtime talking about the lads, giving their brand new song "Story of my life" its first airplay in South Africa.

Well, here's the deal. If you're asking what all the hype is about, it means you clearly don't have a teenage daughter.

Every couple of years, a young artist/band comes along that captures the hearts and fantasies of millions of teenagers. If you're over 40 you probably swooned over the Beatles or David Cassidy (if you're under 40 you have no idea who David Cassidy is!). I remember the frenzy over Hanson in the 90s. More recently it was the frenzy over Justin Bieber.

But I have to say in all 19 years on radio, I have NEVER seen a frenzy like this one. Directioners (the moniker given to the fans of the group) are so passionate that most of them on twitter have assumed the surname of one of the guys in the group!

Granted, a few years ago social media was not as prevalent as it is now, so maybe the frenzy for artists was there, we just weren't as exposed to it. On Saturday, the moment I started talking about the boys, 94.5Kfm trended at number one in South Africa on twitter.

The reality is, in a few years time there will be "new kids on the block" and the screams, fainting and "fangirling" (read THAT in the urban dictionary) will be for some guys who right now are too young to realise they will be rockstars in a few years time. When my 2 daughters (now 1 and 3) are teenagers they will be screaming for youngsters not even conceived yet.

For now though, in 2013, it's all about One Direction. Am I a Directioner myself? Well, I don't do any "fangirling" myself, but the litmus paper test is always: "Would I put their CD on in my car to listen to?".

You better believe it.

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