Boys and their toys. My latest gadgets.

If you follow this blog regularly you'll know I'm obsessed with gadgets. Not novelties or weird complex stuff that only an engineer would be able to figure out, but the simple things that make my life a little easier... and more fun!

My latest toy is my quadcopter (drone), which I am LOVING! Out of respect for my neighbours though I'm not really flying it in the complex much, as it sounds like a swarm of bees on steroids when in the air. Also, I'm sure they don't appreciate the "big brother" eye in the sky, as it has my GoPro attached and records high definition video!

The DJI Phantom 2 drone is more advanced than the smaller ones which you simply fly by tiling an iPhone. This one has a full radio controller where you have to manoeuvre thrust, yaw, roll and pitch at the same time.

If you are used to flying radio controlled planes or helicopters it'll be a breeze, but if you haven't flown before, you might want to do do some simulator flying before taking just under R25000 up in the sky. (I highly recommend Aerial Concepts in Woodmead for any sales or information. They are fantastic and have a huge variety of planes, choppers and drones. 011 8028500).

I never had a GoPro before getting the drone and am absolutely loving the video quality. SO much so that I'm now also using it when riding my motorbike, using it as a helmet cam:

I use the GoPro Hero Silver 3+. I get a few stares from people on the road when I pull up next to them and they see a lens and a red blinking light looking back at them, but it's amazing how more well behaved people are at the thought of doing something wrong and it landing up on the internet!

Also, I've had a dashcam in my car for almost a year (the DOD430):

You almost never need to look at the footage, but you never know what could happen right in front of you (and it could help out with any insurance claim too!).I got my camera from

Finally, thanks Afrihost, my car is once again a Wi-Fi zone. My MIFI device is back up and running, so my passengers can do some great surfing while I drive... and internet radio becomes a lot cheaper to listen to as well!

This is just a quick round up of some of my latest gadgets that I'm playing with at the moment.
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