Father's Day... and my fear of feet

It's the best day of the year for dads.

I was so excited to get showered with hugs and kisses that I woke up at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep. Usually both my girls are up by 6.30am, but (of course) they slept in late yesterday and only woke up at 7.30am!

It was worth it though. Tayla-Jean had been working on her Father's Day card for about 2 weeks and she was bursting with pride as she came into the room and gave it to me. Alyssa had also done a card at school (even though the honesty of a 3 year old... she said she didn't actually do the card).

I haven't really told many people this, but I suffer from podophobia. Feet repulse me. I don't like touching other peoples feet and definitely don't like my feet or legs being touched. If the devil had contributed to designing any part of our body... it would be that part. So when my 3 year old said she wanted to give me a foot massage for Father's Day, I was in a quandary. This is is something special my baby girl wanted to do for me. So I sucked it up and stretched out my feet. I was dying inside, but she loved doing it!


Breakfast in bed was my favourite egg on toast... and a(nother) Nespresso Machine!


Well actually, the Nespresso machine will be for a new house we bought a few weeks ago. In fact, at this stage the Nespresso machine is the only appliance/furniture we have for it, so it will definitely be the centre of attention in the whole house, let alone the kitchen.

Father's Day was great. I can't wait for next year!!

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Best Father's Day gift ever

Over the years I've received various Father's Day gifts, from the stereotypical socks to USB memory sticks, and each year as my girls get older they become more and more aware of what Father's Day is all about. Yeah, presents are great and so is breakfast in bed. But the best present of all is just being showered with love from Tayla-Jean and Alyssa.

My 5 year old (with the help of her teacher), filled this form out yesterday:


By the way, I'm flattered she only thinks I'm 35 years old.

Ultimately though, I think the last few lines in my upcoming book describes how I feel about Father's Day:
But when it comes to my legacy in life, there is only one thing that matters to me. It’s not money nor fame. When it does come the time to inscribe a message on my tombstone, my career means nothing to me. All I want it to say is:
Mark Pilgrim… the best dad ever.

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The Dogg was Snooping...

Every now and then you get a song, regardless of whether you like or not, that just sticks in your head and you land up reciting the same few words over and over again. The latest one haunting me is Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg's track "Wiggle"...

In my frustration of muttering "wiggle wiggle wiggle" to myself every 5 minutes I took to twitter to vent my frustrations and simply said "Damn you Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg". Five minutes later I got a retweet from Snoop Dogg himself :)


I thought that was quite cool. Sorry, let me get the lingo right... it was the Shizzle!

The highlight of my weekend though was not getting a Snoop Dogg tweet, but celebrating Father's Day with my two young girls who are now old enough to know that it's dad's special day! I got this card..


And I got lots of hugs and kisses...


Speaking of kisses, my SMOOCH store is taking shape! This past weekend the guys were tiling and over the next few days the "magic" starts happening!


We hope to open our doors as Forest Hill City in Centurion in about a week's time!
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This weekend it's all about being a Dad.

So it's Father's Day this Sunday and I'm SO looking forward to lying in bed and having breakfast brought to me by my girls! Nicole asked me what I would like as a gift. I said 16GB of computer RAM for my Macbook. I think I'm getting a t-shirt. That's cool too :)

All I really need though is a big hug from my girls.


Dove the soap (oh hang on, it's not a soap, it's 1/4 moisturiser!) have just released a great commercial for Dads:

Since I'm sharing YouTube videos, this one is brilliant. A guy was stuck overnight at LAX Airport and decided to make a music video just using his iPhone:

Finally, just a quick update on my SMOOCH store opening on 23 June at Forest Hill City. The guys are hard at work doing the shop fitting:


When we open it will look like this:


We're looking for college/university students that want to work casual shifts on weekends/evenings/holidays. If you qualify and are interested, please send your CV to

It's also the final countdown towards my last radio show on 28 June.  I've done 441 countdowns since July 2005, with only 3 to go. Hopefully you can tune in for my last show on Saturday 28 June 10-2pm!
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