2014. The year that was.

So it's come to the end of the year. Surprisingly I've been quite busy so haven't had a chance to write a blog in about a week. Sorry for that!

This is the last one for the year. I'm going dark at the end of this week. No, I'm not changing my colour (although I do plan to spend a lot of time in the sun). It's radio code for "no more communication". Once a year I need to stop the tweets, blogs and Facebook messages. It's like colonic cleansing in cyber space.

Looking back at 2014, I must admit it's been an interesting ride.

I left radio and said a sad farewell:


I missed it so much, I went back on air 5 months later:


I did some TV shows:


And sold a few products:

I drank a LOT of wine:


And then decided I had been drinking too much and switched to green tea as a substitute:

(no photo here...too boring).

I bought a few gadgets:


And also went crazy and opened a frozen yoghurt store:


But if I look back at 2014, the bit I'll remember the most... was watching my 2 girls grow up just a little bit more:


After all, nothing is more important than family:


Happy holidays. I'll chat to you in 2015!

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Is that a bug in my Apple?

Ask any paediatrician and they'll say that once your kids go to school they'll have a bug at least one in every four weeks. The problem is, it then hits the rest of the family. And boy, does it hit the family hard.

It started with both girls getting an eye infection Monday to Thursday last week, and then a bug hit on Friday and Alyssa was spewing everywhere. Unlike adults that know to dash to a loo or grab a bucket, a 2 year old acts liker a sprinkler system and just chunks over everything.

Just as she recovered, yesterday my wife was man (or woman) down, and this morning at 3am my oldest daughter also woke up and spewed all over her bed.

I'm now also feeling queasy, but not sure if I have the bug or I'm just sensitive to the constant smell of vomit.

So the net result for a Monday is Alyssa and Nicole are feeling better enough to go to school and work. Tayla-Jean and I are lying in bed feeling sorry for ourselves watching cartoons.

Just before I go and hold the bucket for my daughter, just a reminder that it's a BIG Apple day today!

Each year they host the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) and on the opening day Tim Cook does a keynote address where he reveals the next big thing when it comes to software or hardware.

Apple will stream his address live at 7pm SA time (on their website and on Apple TVs), and we're expecting big software updates for Mac computers, hopefully a major update to Apple TVs, minor tweaks to iPhone software, and there's a SLIM chance the iPhone 6 itself will be revealed. In fact, if not revealed tonight, they'll definitely have it's launch in the next few weeks because it's rumoured to actually go on sale in September and the media launch is always about 3 months prior to it hitting the shelves (in the States). I'll definitely blog some of the highlights tomorrow!
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The purple blob is back in our household!

I write a monthly "dad" column for Living & Loving Magazine here in South Africa. My March article (2 issues away) is all about the bedtime stories we were brought up with and still read to our kids today. They're horrible and scary!

In almost every fable there's someone being killed or a child being snatched away from their parents (or snatched from their Aunt and Uncle... because their parents are already dead!). This includes: Wizard of Oz, Rapunzel, Hansel & Gretel and so many more! I realised it when I was trying to read Snow White to Tayla-Jean and had to tame down the part where she is almost bludgeoned to death by a hit man, then strangled and finally poisoned!

So when, over the past 2 weeks, Alyssa started taking notice of Barney, I've started embracing the purple blob as if he's my very own son. It does mean I have to continually watch him do that stupid jump/skip thing and hear him sing all the time... but at least I know nobody dies in an episode!
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My girls and the chicken run

It's the small things you do that make you realise your kids are growing up. About 3 months ago we removed the kiddy gate from the bottom of the stairs so that Alyssa can now venture up and down on her own.

This morning was another one of those milestones... I removed the chicken mesh from the staircase railings!

I had it up for 2 reasons. One, if the toddler fell, I didn't want them slipping though the railing gap. Fortunately, their craniums are now of a size that it would be like trying to get a tennis ball through a hosepipe. Secondly, I was worried that one of the kids might kick the chihuahua and drop goal him for 5 points. He's now learnt to steer clear of people on the stairs... and the girls have learnt that Charles is indeed not a sports ball.

I woke up this morning with what I thought was a stomach bug, but it might just be nerves. Tomorrow Tayla-Jean starts big school (Grade 000) and Alyssa starts Nursery School! Nicole and I have no idea how the day will pan out.... will let you know tomorrow. Excuse me now though, I need the loo!
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Happy 2014!

I love Christmas time and after the holidays it's always that mixed emotion of sadness that the holidays are over mixed with renewed vigour for the new year!

My girls and I had a great holiday in Cape Town. I think I dunked my toe in the water once. It was so cold every possible appendage retracted back towards my torso for warmth. My kids loved the beach.

When coming back to Johannesburg, we took them to the Egoli equivalent of non-stop entertainment... Pappachino's restaurant. Thanks heavens for restaurants that now cater for children with huge play areas. We spent almost a whole week there.

Today (hopefully) the builders also come back to our house to finish off the last few days of renovations. It's been a hectic 4 months, but well worth it, as Tayla-Jean is loving her new bedroom. It used to be the "old spare room": 

And now her bedroom is almost bigger than ours:

Alyssa has also had some changes in her bedroom. Last week she moved from the cot to a bed... and has only fallen out once!

Here's to a great year ahead with some big changes. I've formed a new company which will hopefully be doing great things in 2014. More details as things come about! I'm also looking forward to continue bringing you the biggest songs every Saturday as I count down SA's top 40 tunes on the KIA Take40sa.
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The weekend that was

It's been an intense few days reflecting the mood of the nation on air as the world still mourns the loss of Madiba.