My chihuahua is losing his marbles

They have to go. He's humping everything. The final straw was when I got a frantic call from my wife yesterday saying our 8 month old chihuahua was attempting to hump my daughter's arm.

So this morning he will become 0.0005 grams lighter. In fact, I think vets should charge based on weight. That way it will only cost me R1.50 to neuter my chihuahua. 

Here's a selfie of my boy and I just before dropping him off at the vet... 3 balls between the 2 of us. 


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There's a chihuahua in my pants

If you've ever been to a fire station you might have seen the boots and trousers on standby next to the fire engine. That way, if the guys are chilling they don't have to be all suited up, but the moment the alarm sounds, they literally jump into their clothing.

I do the same thing when I go to bed. I cannot sleep with any form of trousers on (I have lots of idiosyncrasies, one being I get claustrophobic in bed wearing long jammies). Having said that, if I need to bolt out of bed and attend to a situation in the house, I never want to get caught with my pants down (so to speak). So, I learnt a lesson from our brave firemen, and always have my pants next to my bed ready to "jump" into.

My MacGyver plans have been recently thwarted though by my chihuahua Cappuccino. Two nights ago one of my girls woke up in the night crying. Like the fireman's siren going off, I jumped out of bed and slotted my legs into my pyjama pants lying on the floor... only to hear a yelp as I pulled them up. My pooch was ascending towards my crotch at a rapid rate. I'm not sure why, but he has taken to sleeping ON my pants.


He has an extremely comfortable bed just 1 metre away, but he prefers my pyjamas.

So, if I need to jump out of bed to put out a fire at a neighbours house... just remember it's not that I'm overly endowed, it's just a chihuahua in my pants.
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The weekend that was

With so much rain coming down in Johannesburg over the past few days, my doggie poo gazebo is proving to be a big hit. Not so much for the dogs, as they still seem to wander past it boundaries and get drenched in the garden, but at least I'm quite dry while I stand there waiting for them to do their business!

Our little chihuahua has settle in nicely. Cappuccino is now almost 12 weeks old and he's tiny legs can carry him up our stairs. He just hasn't figured out yet how to come back down... or that my finger is not a sausage:

Onto our 2 legged children. Alyssa had a raging temperature last night. She's off to the doctor this morning. Kids get temperatures quite often, as if nature designed it that way to be the red flag to parents that something is wrong. But despite her fever, she still wanted to dance in my office at 6am:

So the One Direction fans got more than a little excited this weekend. While chatting to the concert promoter Big Concerts about the 1D World pop up store coming to Johannesburg at the end of the month, Justin also admitted that plans are underway to bring the lads to South Africa, probably next year. This is the first official confirmation we've had and twitter exploded moments after the interview. My radio show started trending at number 1, above the weekend rugby chatter and Oscar trial!

One of the fans recorded the interview and it was on Soundacloud minutes later:

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What we do for our dogs!

My chihuahuas melt in the rain (or so they think). I don't mind the rain, as long as i'm not getting wet.

With that in mind I was faced with a dilemma. The rain has been coming down in Johannesburg non-stop over the past few days. Since my dogs, and especially our new puppy Cappuccino, seem to poo every 10 minutes, it was becoming a wet affair standing in the rain with them. And my small pooch still has the mentality that if he drops one in a quiet corner of the dining room, nobody will notice and he won't have to go out in the rain.

Tired of stepping in poo in my own home, I decided to pull a MacGyver move this morning and sort the problem out. I introduce to you... my Poo Gazebo:

I'll let you know how successful it is!
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Ingenious: My Doggy Poo Cam!

I'm a bit of a gadget nut, and every once in a while I have to give myself a pat on the back when an idea works.

Our 9 week old chihuahua puppy (Cappuccino) needs to go to the loo every couple of hours. Here's the dilemma: at night it's a bit like playing Russian roulette. Do I wake up every few hours and just take him out hoping he'll poo? What if I get my timing off, step out of bed and stand in his crap (and then my toenails will grow like a trolls... that's a blog for another day).

Bring in... the poo cam!!!

Actually, I'm sure Axis didn't manufacture their camera (M1031) to alert a user when a puppy is about to dump a load on a newly laid wooden floor, but it works SO well.

It really is just a camera with a motion sensor on it. When it detects movement it lights up the area. I've also set it to emit an audible alarm as well. That way, the moment the pup gets out of bed to start his bedroom hunt to make a deposit, the camera wakes me up immediately. Like a swooping falcon I intercept Cappuccino before he hunkers down and does his deed. One quick trip the the garden and business is complete.

It saved me twice last night. Thanks technology!
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Newest member of our family

We have a new addition to the family. Meet 9 week old Cappuccino...

When looking for a new family member, we did try the Animal Ark Shelter on the weekend, but they didn't have any tiny breed pups. We eventually opted for a registered Chihuahua breeder.

Our older chihuahua Charles has surprisingly not been as mean as I thought he would be. Two years ago when we brought home Willie (Satan's dog), Charles almost had a shit fit and our house was a war zone for a couple of days before they realised it's more fun to play than fight.

This time around, possibly because Cappuccino is a puppy, Charles has been more indifferent than cross. In fact, after only one day they are lying next to each other, which is a major breakthrough when a new dog comes into the home...

It does mean a good few weeks of strolling through the garden in my jammies in the wee hours of the morning. At 4am I was outside encouraging the pup to do his business like a snake charmer trying to encourage it's snake to come out of the basket.

The score: Dad & garden 1 / Carpet 0.
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