I guess I do have ball(s) after all.

It was my wife who was driving along Sandton Drive yesterday morning and spotted the embarrassing typo.

How does this happen? Surely a good few eyes had to look at the sign while it was being made, from the factory to the delivery, to the installation. How on this green earth of ours can Johannesburg be called a "World Class African City" when we can't even correctly spell one of the most well known and well used streets in Sandton? Now, it will be yours and my tax money required to fix it. Let's see if they do. I have sent a photo of it to Vincent Earp, Sandton's DA councillor, who within an hour of the email followed up with the guys to correct it.

Anyway, moving right along. It's Movember Day 4. The moustache is taking shape and I'm starting to look like a dork. Yesterday the Sunday paper City Press had my wife and I on their magazine cover. Here's Nicole with a moustache (she's Greek, so it could be real):

I've started a Movember team called "The Gonads".  Anyone can join it. It would be great to have a few hundred team mates by the end of the campaign. Here is the link: HTTP://MOTEAM.CO/THE-GONADS.

Onto another charity drive, this Friday I'll be doing the DareDevil Speedo Run to help promote mens health. The 4.5km race through the middle of Sandton involves a couple of hundred guys running in nothing but a speedo and sneakers. That, combined with a moustache, is going to be a sight for sore eyes!

Oi. What we do for worthy causes :).
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