Window washers... the intimidation

I just don't get it. Every night they are at the same intersections. Johannesburg Metro police claim they are doing something about it, but what?

Every night at the robots opposite Morningside Clinic the same guys harass motorists, with a combination of arrogance and glue sniffing. Whilst I get that some people are desperate to derive some source of income, surely it cannot be at the expense of the law? Otherwise why don't we just condone house robberies too? I'm sure the guys don't really want to break in, but that's how they derive their income.

The window washer at the intersection I mentioned even had a flick-knife in his pocket (which he gripped when I told him not to spray my window):


And even more ironic, the Police had a road block not even 50 metres away at the next intersection!

There's a great article about how ex-New York mayor Giuliani cleaned up that city by focusing on the petty crimes:

Come on Johannesburg. You are better than this.

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RIP Dean

Today's blog is a short one, just to reflect how sad Nicole and I are about her friend's husband who was tragically shot in a botched hijacking 2 nights ago in Sandton. Violence is all around us. We know it. But when it affects someone close to us it just hits home so much harder.

The hijackers followed Ismini home. As she drove into her complex they held up the guard at the gate and attempted to steal her car. When Dean came out of the house to see what the commotion was, without hesitation, they shot him 3 times. Fatally.

Ismini and Dean just celebrated their wedding anniversary four days ago. Rest in peace Dean and may your star continue to shine down on her every night.


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